Labels lie, don't accept them and don't use them. You are more than just a label. Our Objective is simple, to create a movement that forms allows people to come together to prevent bullying, and self harm.

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"Our inner demons
In form of sadness
Our inner angels
In form of happiness
That we seek
Our grace
Lies in our hearts
Made of silver steel
We seek atonment
We seek life
We seek hope
We seek second chances
We seek redemption
To set things right
In our lives"
~Alexis O. (Poetry Corner Submission)

4 August, 2014

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"I’m not going to censor myself to comfort your ignorance."
Jon Stewart   (via neonchills)

3 August, 2014

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"In order to get ahead you have to be behind to begin with"

28 July, 2014

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"When you feel like the storm isn’t going to pass, learn how to dance in the rain."
Jenny | JustaLabel

18 July, 2014